Another Baseball Post =) Tips and Tricks for Baseball Newbie

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As a baseball newbie, you must know that it is a sport that requires a specific form of exercises. Such exercises that you do must be able to contribute not just to increase your endurance when playing but as well as to increase power and perform each stance correctly. It’s because the needs of most athletes in terms of training are different compared to baseball players. Hence, here are some of the most important tips and tricks that you can do as a newbie.

Heavy Weights

In the event that you chose this type of sport because you think that it does not require you to lift some heavy weights, then you are wrong. This is because as a baseball player, you still need to do a hard workout, thus lifting heavy weights will do the trick. However when you are not sure how to go about it, then it is highly recommended that you get assistance from a professional trainer.


Rotational Exercises

This type of training is necessary because it will train and condition your body when you are twisting. These rotational exercises will be very helpful when you are hitting the ball and when you throw it. As early as now, these exercises work best for you so that your body will already learn how to hit and pitch. By conditioning your body, it will prevent any injury that may occur while playing the sport.


Below the Belt

Now you might be thinking why you would bother working more on your lower body. Well, it’s because almost all of your large muscles are located down there, and you can perform well when you have a strong lower body. I was doing these exercises so frequently that I was searching for excavating companies near me to apply for jobs 😛 As a newbie, you need to keep that in mind so that as early as now, you will know how to throw and swing with power. Thus, when you are a pitcher, you will be able to have longer hits.


Overall, these are only some of the so many tips and tricks that you will be able to learn on your journey in becoming a great baseball player. As a newbie, be open to committing enough mistakes yet learn from them. But some mistakes are preventable; hence you will be able to learn it through training. Training is critical in your journey because you will be able to learn the basics of baseball. Also, do not pressure yourself too much to do things perfectly because you are still a newbie. Let experience teach you how to be the best baseball player the best way you know how.




Top Equipment to Invest As Baseball Newbie

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Sorry for the lapse in posts. I’ve been getting really into baseball recently, so I’ll write a bit about it now!


Just like in any sport, your equipment will be the ones that will aid your performance. It is not just all about your skills and strength, but your equipment will make or break your sports performance. Hence, in this post, you will know the top equipment that you must invest when you are still new in the field of baseball.



In this type of sport, you need to understand that you will be playing in dirt and mud. Thus, it is highly discouraged to use regular rubber shoes on the field. The shoes that you need to invest are baseball cleats. It is the type of shoes that are specially made for you to be very mobile when you are running on the field because it does not grip on the mud. The cleats you can choose are from rubber to metal, but you may want to ask your coach if which ones he requires you to wear.


Protective Cup

When you are a male baseball player, this is one of the most important things that you need to have. This does not cost much, though you need to wear this one every game or even during practice. Also, even when you are going to play with professionals, there is no complete assurance that the ball will not hit you in the front.



Well, this is a bit of self-explanatory because you will not be able to play the sport when you don’t have a baseball bat. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to get the ones that you are most comfortable holding. It means that if you can have a good grip on the bat, and its weight does not affect your hit and swing performance.



Now, since you are going to hold a bat, it is important that you wear gloves. It’s because you are highly prone to blisters due to the shaking of the bat when you hit the ball. It has the same analogy when you are tugging a rope.


Catcher’s protective gear

When you want to be the catcher of the team, then you need to have this, no questions ask. Just imagine yourself of not wearing any protective gear; you are making yourself so vulnerable to hit the ball in any part of your body.


Nevertheless, it is best for you to know what position you would be comfortable playing, like if you want to spend most of your time hitting the ball or catching it. Also, keep in mind that as a newbie, there’s a tendency that you might have too many or too few equipment. I had to lend my Bellingham Catering friend so many things! So, just buy what you know you need, and as you go along your journey, you’ll know what you need to buy based on your experience.



Home sweet home <3

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I’m home right now, enjoying the sunshine in my beautiful hometown, Bellingham Washington.


Here’s whats up for today:

Today I’m going for a hike with my friend Fred who has mad installs electric wall heaters. We went to high school together at Bellingham High School. He was the one always sticking around in the electrical shop trying out new things, and I was the one who excelled in PE class, because I loved to try out new sports. We had such a great time on the days that we had a day off  from classes.

Ten years later, we’re still interested in the same respective things, he opened up a successful company providing electrical services, and I’m travelling around the US, going surfing in Florida, to scuba diving in California, to rock climbing in Washington state. I love my life!


Look where we went today:

Hiking in the Rockies with my friend Fred the electrician

Today we went hiking in the Rockies. Fred was a little out of shape, but I didn’t have too much trouble. We took it easy and had a great time catching up. Because I am travelling so much, we don’t get to see each other face to face very much.

We were talking about a new article on electric vehicles. Pretty amazing how electric cars have advanced so much from where they were at before.

I also got to catch up with his son. We are best buds!



We’re going to Seattle soon to do some bachata!

Take care of your friends and then you create a lasting relationship.


How to get a good tan!

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I am an expert tanner!

…I have to be, considering I am from Florida. I hated those summers that I spent working outside at Disneyland and I would end up with the weirdest t-shirt tans. Then I would get into a bikini for the beach, and I would have a dead-white belly! Then I get to start over the next year.

Check out these tip of Tanning Tips on Youtube:

Here are my tips:

1. If you are working outside and don’t want to weird tan lines, slather on the high-SPF sunscreen and get in the shade as much as possible

2.  When you are intentionally tanning,

3. Get to know the optimal amount and level of SPF sunscreen that you need to get a good tan vs. not getting burned.

Don’t end up like this chica:


If you need more tips, there’s also this great Tanning Facebook group to check out 🙂

Also, keep in mind that recommends to limit your time tanning.


Vegas, Baby!

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Currently in Las Vegas. I still feel young enough to enjoy the Vegas strip. We stayed at Excalibur this time and had a $59 hotel stay after agreeing to listen to a time share presentation. Bonus 😉

The best part about staying in Vegas are the pool parties! And the poolside drinks, of course 😉


Ripping through Washington state.

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I’m currently enjoying the beautiful summers close to Seattle. Took a long drive but ended up in Seattle for the evening to enjoy a nice sunset:

Was a perfect day today!

Seattle Sunset


Missing the beach!

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I’m currently living somewhere much colder than FL, so missing the palm trees and sun. Check it out!


South Beach

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I’m Scarlet, and I grew up in South Beach. Miss the waves! I’m not so close to the water now and living somewhere that it not nearly as hot! Will be posting about my life here soon….